Teaching and Workshops

In my teaching, various workshops or wonder embodied offerings, I utilize theoretical, artistic, and experiential proficiencies gained from the long term sustained art practice and research. I teach across a range of pedagogical settings—both formal and informal.

I have considerable expertise encompassing the comprehensive spectrum of artistic skills and duties requisite for roles such as lecturer, tutor, facilitator, and workshop leader. My instructional repertoire spans diverse domains, from drawing and sculpting with clay to engaging in cooking, food preservation, fermentation, or seeds- saving -sharing, or experimental embodied practices and organizing immersive experiences such as foraging walks and multispecies encounters, meals, feasts and meditations.  

I developed an innovative undergraduate strand (program of workshops) titled "Multispecies Thinking and Making," designed to immerse students in varied performative and socioecological practices, fostering engagement with multifaceted concepts and interconnected Multispecies Worlds. My teachings and workshops employ and engage methodology centered on World building through technologies of Land Practice with its forms for thinking and making. These experimental and experiential pedagogical techniques employ an open, improvisational framework influenced by somatic practices, anarchic avant-gardes, forest schooling, and Beuys’ concept of Warmth Work and Social Sculpture.