Art and Land Practice: 

This practice draws from earthbound, ecstatic, anarchic, and avant-garde performative sentiments, mystical and mythical impulses, and ways of meaning-making. In particular, it draws on aspects that explore the creation of subversive technologies for communication. It is a generative and sensuous space of intensities and imaginative possibilities for world constructing where ART is integral with LIFE, and where theory becomes practice. This approach is transdisciplinary and multidimensional; a complex system of interconnected strands employed to shape a multifaceted and rich model for understanding the complexity of the times, the world, and the function of art and artists. It mobilizes paradoxical proximities of technologies of the self and of the land through multiple mediums and processes. It is a lived ART practice; living and ever-expanding.

In an anarchic spirit, the Multispecies Visionary Institute engages in warmth work and social sculpture as land practice and channels avant-garde energies across the spectrum of creative outcomes, whether by exhibiting, creating the Voynich Method with open-ended practices and processes, or through an experimental approach to teaching and learning. The practice and research embody a positive approach to world-making and unmaking, emphasizing radical imagination, and intimacy in living and working with the land as a cultural, critical, and social practice of meaningful connection, cultivation, and care. This ART practice is a way of initiating a collective aesthetic experience that embraces and makes explicit multispecies wonder and collectivity. It is an attempt to shape art as ‘the creation of a sensual apparatus,’ as Joseph Beuys described it. Apparatus for Resurgence in Trophallaxis is ART as land practice with a wide set of artistic strategies for common world-making and shaping a livable present and future. This vision creates situations that are experiments in an expanded art practice where art, magic, and technology merge into a tool to playfully exercise functional earthbound mysticism and creative construction of the world and community.