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    The Presence of Boundless Potentiality in The Thought World and the Society of Nature
    , ONCA Brighton, UK 2018

    This exhibition was a presentation of works and research by Sabina Sallis and guest artists Aleksanda Borys and Naomi Bailey-Cooper that grew out of a residency the three of them participated in last year at Labverde in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil. See exhibition text below.

    ONCA Gallery, Brighton, UK January 2018 
    ‘The Presence of Boundless Potentiality in The Thought World and the Society of Nature’ 

    At ONCA Sabina presented an evolving and growing body of multimedia works and research. The works are singular meditations upon the Amazonian landscape, its thoughts and its ‘living logic’. ‘Thinking with and like forests should be part of an ethical practice for the Anthropocene’ E. Kohn.   Sabina’s project explores how it is possible to relate and profoundly interact with complex ecosystems, and how mindful, humane and sustainable politics can grow out from appreciative and sensitive engagement with natureculture.  

    For a special presentation for ONCA, Sabina, Aleksanda and Naomi ‘s works will respond site-specifically in the spirit of unfolding and intuitive guidance. This spontaneous collaboration will celebrate the Amazon, its changeable aliveness, unique world value and it’s importance in resonating with the deeper values and dimensions of our life.  

    The Labverde residency was very much about the formation of a temporary community in the jungle. We hope that this spirit of inclusion and interdependency will reveal itself in the exhibition at ONCA.