The MULTISPECIES VISIONARY INSTITUTE (MVI)  studio serves as both a physical and temporal realm for creative exploration, experimentation, obsessive appearances, small and large gestures, and the emergence of phenomena. It is a generative sanctuary for both making and unmaking, contemplation, and reflection, fostering practice of freedom and the subversive structuring of intensities, offering imaginative possibilities for constructing worlds of multiplying abundance. Within its spacetime continuum, one enters the realm of ART and becomes enveloped by its essence. The studio establishes MVI’s modus operandi, manifesting as a physical and mental cornucopia—an environment fostering hypercreativity and cognitive expansion, capable of being penetrated, navigated, and harnessed. Its activities are unfolding experiments, and its records of trials and errors, laughs and ridiculousness, pleasures and pains are exercises brought to life out of the sketchbook-like-lived experience of aliveness and belonging to multispecies wonder. Those archival and ephemeral and playful assemblages serve as models and templates, applicable in gallery settings, residencies, or further research and practice. 

Presently, Sabina Sallis and Multispecies Visionary Institute are affiliated with ARS (http://albionrowstudios.com/), having previously been based at the Northern Charter, The NewBridge Project, and Windsor Terrace at Newcastle University.

Selection of images. processes-experiments, practice and works from the MVI’s studios