Works and Projects

Magnitude Seven Infusions- ongoing

Infusions, tisanes, or teas are blended mixes of dried herbs that can be infused in hot water and consumed. They can be made into tea bags by placing herbs into envelopes made from biodegradable coffee filters. I dry herbs in on a fan assisted herb rack in a dark corner of my studio where I also dry herbs in bunches away from the direct sun. My studio and home are adorned with bundles of drying herbs like dehydrated ‘waterfalls’ tumbling down from the ceilings. 

Some of the herbs I dry for infusion are: mugwort, rosemary, sage, lavender, rose, bay laurel, pine needles, sweet gale, elderflower, linden flowers, cloves, tansy, yarrow, mints, St. John’s wart, wormwood, fennel, lemon balm, rosebay willow herb, raspberry leaves, black currant leaves, nettle, and wood betony.