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Greetings from the Mother of Herbs, Hinterlands, group show at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art,
Gateshead  (October 2022- April 2023)


Exhibition and performance; Greetings from the Mother of Herbs at BALTIC Contemporary Art Centre, Gateshead as part of Hinterlands (2022-23), a group exhibition of regional, female artist who work with the land and ecosystems, reflecting on ideas of rootedness and belonging, human and more-than-human relationships and time in the era of the climate emergency.

For Hinterlands, Multispecies Visionary Institute presents an iteration of  ART -Apparatus  for Resurgence in Trophallaxis; as a wild, abundant and magical, and site fitting system, that celebrates Mater Herbarium- Mugwort; her coordinating, patterns  of complex and mysterious networks of multispecies relationships, that assist in becoming of the place with mysterious flows of energy, powers and dreams.
Supercharged  by the place, This system emerged from engagement with the Voynich Manuscript, permaculture design, earth-based metaphysics and healing practices, and re-indigenizing with local ecosystems through involvement with herbs, bees and the hive; amongst other, less tangible, influences and interests.

Greeting from the Mother of Herbs consist of locally foraged mugwort, locally coppiced hazel,  straw hives- skeps and sun hives, thread, clay,  geological samples, herbs, honeycomb, mushrooms, balms, tinctures, pen and pencil on paper, inkjet prints, among other various materials and multispecies.