Drawings and Diagrams An ongoing practice of abundance, archival accumulation and playful yet controlled automatism

Drawing is a fundamental and prolific aspect and a craft of  this ART practice, the bedrock of artistic enquiry that brings forth the transformative power of imagination. Drawing is the way to contemplate, to think, to be with the world, to draw from life; the other, the unknown and the unseen are spontaneously harnessed to shape, explore, and connect ideas and phenomena as they unfold. Drawing is an impulse to transform our encounter with the world; a basic desire to feel into and to interact with the complex web of life/ environment and make sensations, feelings, intuitions and thoughts manifest. It is a memory muscle that longs to be exercise daily and turns into pleasurable habit.

Drawing and diagramming is a way of mapping accumulated information in the unfolding presence, the intimate, intricate, intuitive and impulsive line follows respiratory, improvised haptic dance. It is a generative technique (a process, practice, experience) for modelling art practice as Apparatus for Resurgence in Trophallaxis. Intrinsic to this process are ‘varying amounts of intention, pragmatism, accident and ambition’(Tim Ingold); combining reason and knowledge with fantastic imaginative speculation to build flourishing worlds. The diagrammatical way of working is a private mnemotechnic to organize information, to shape thinking and making and to envision the physical elements and their relationship to one another. Drawings and diagrams model a functional proposition, where image and ideas depend on each other, generate a network a system of interconnected ideas and things. ART become a space that can be penetrated. Drawing becomes a sculptural installation space, a performative gesture, a storyteller narrating nested narrative...

Below is a small fragment of Multispecies Visionary Institute Drawing Archive


‘Apparatus for Resurgence: The Mother filled up by her drones an infinitum hive’
Initial diagram for ART 2019

                                                         ‘Reciprocal Sensitive Systems’
Selections of Drawings from the Amazon Rainforest

                                                          Thoughts Worlds of Its Own Kind 2016-2017
Drawing series, ink and pencil on paper,