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The Thought World and the Society of Nature
MFA Summer Show, Newcastle University 2017

The Thought World and the Society of Nature consisted of four distinct but interconnected elements of the installation, Voynich as a Method in Non-Static State (kinetic sculpture), Voynich Modus Operandi (gold disc with drawings), Cluster of Sensibility (trees  with plants from my Voynichese Forest Garden-MAGIC),  videos projected among the tress and a Soundscape. See below more info about the videos.
Selected images of the exhibition. Photos by Colin Davidson unless otherwise stated.
Videos projected among the Cluster of Sensibility (trees with plants):

Forest Forms Proliferation (2:55) and The Source of Pattern Propagation (1:32), feature scenes from the rainforest over-laid with Amazonian seeds gilded with geometric symbols, crystals, and circular rotational elements and spinning quarts pyramids.

Parallel Archaic Futures (2:29), features scenes shot in a UK factory producing fake, plastic trees, collaged with footage of hoax petroglyphs and trees with stilt roots, spikes and crystals all filmed in the Amazon.

The Garden Eye (4:02) has a long shot of Graham Bell’s Forest Garden in Coldstream filmed on a rotating tripod head. 

The Garden of Resistance, the new matrix, and a time to come (13:10) was the video I made during the residency at Metal in Liverpool.