Exhibitions and Events                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Resilience in Equilibrium
, 36 Lime Street Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2010 

Multimedia Installation

Archipelagos, video collage
Selected video stills

Exhibition views

Selected Drawings, Pen, Pencil on Paper, 24cm x 24cm

Equal Nature of Vision
The Pleasure Hive
Medicinal Whiskers and Remedial Spots
Line Critter
Wild Eruption
Two Volcanos Erupting at Once
Sisters Pollinators
Keep it All Inside
Queen Mother and Her Dancing Nimbus
The Tree of the Wise Ones
Cultivating the Compass
Energetic landscape
Awaken Beings
Proto-Ovarian Power
Likeminded Meetings 
Gathering at the Tree of Kin
Reproductive Spurious Future
New and More Organs of Perception
Resting on the Branch of Life
Unique Type of Biophilia
Somatic Labour
Pleasure Hive and Real Seeds
Biomorphic Warmth
Insect-full Attire
Unfolding Fabric of the World
Creatures of the Land
Spectral Relations
Horns Make Hearts
The Land that Exists in Relation to Swarm
Mycophilic Dance
Buzzing Tree
Ancestral Connections
Ancestral Feeding
Triangulating Vitamins
Critters of Language
Ancestral Balance
Slow and Subtle Eruption
Wonder Feed
Core Belief Formation
Organ of Equilibriums
The Tree of Secrets
Breast Mountain Full of Holy Nectar
Reproducing Future from the Central Wisdom Plan
Bee Scholar
Eating a Picnic under the Goddess Tree
Whisper of a Goat
Psyche Genius
Hexagonal Weather
Remember your Spinal Fluid
Dreams of the Sleeping Volcanos
Analogous Circumstances for Beingbee
Volcano Man with the Tiger Heart
The Sun Eye Concern with Multiplication
Shifting Morphs of Power Critters
Ancestral Swarm-Miracle Thinking
Collective Memory Exercise
Haptic Thoughts Gestures
Contemplating the State of Wings