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Bio Dynamo

If we are interested in liveability, impermanence, and emergence, we should be watching the actions of landscapes assemblages. Assemblages coalesce, change, and dissolve: this is the story’ -Anna Tsing

BIO Dynamo is a reference, to the biodynamic approaches that are at the core of sustainable land practices. These are principally animistic and are guided by the living logic that is responsive to the dynamics of the living world such as the shimmer that is in a constant flux of seasonal change, moon phases, weather conditions etc.
The Bio Dynamo section of the installation references the ‘heart’ of the apparatus, the feeling, sensing, and movement principle of the Beuys’ Honey Pump. This first section of the installation is also about a different relationship with time and is where reason, vitality, and growth function as an imaginative, intuitive, impulsive and instinctive heart.