Connect Exchange Residency 2017
Aesthetics of Sustainability. Visionary Acenarios for Sustainable Furure 2017
Voynich as a Method in a Non Static State 2017
The Monolith, The Book 2015
Indecipherable Resilience 2015
The Prolific Void 2015
Horizonts of Posibilities 2015
Voynich Phenomena 2015-2016
Geometric Beings 2015
Hyper Planet 2015
Haptic Universe 2015
The Other We 2014-2015
How The Garden Thinks 2014-2015
Allelopathy Phenomena 2013
Fragmentscape 2012
Fluctuating Eye 2006
"Ethos" - Forest School Experience 2013 -
"The Source of Resilience" 2014
Homeostasis. Seasonal Compositions 2014. Still Lifes, MOK Gallery, Olsztyn, Poland
Resilience In Equilibrium 2012. Subject to Change. Perspectives from UK based Polish Artists. Kursaal Space. Eastern Esplanade, SS1 2WW, Southend on Sea, UK

Fall into Place 2012, performance, The Observers, The New Bridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Sara-serial 2005, number of life performances and videos. Works made in collaboration with Raman Tratsiuk
Resilience in Equilibrium 2010, 36 Lime Street Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Early Works
Molecues. Works made in collaboration with Monika Pich 2005
The Eye Of The Cyclone-performance 2006 BIOS festival "A warming world needs art", Brzezno, Poland
Sky Drawing 2004 AFA, Poznan, Poland
Felix Culpa 2007, performance during ASIA – EUROPE MEDIATION, EUROASJA NOVA, performance Festival, CK Zamek, Poznan , Poland
Roots 2008, durational performance for video. Made in collaboration with Joseph Sallis
Sui Generis Jovis Glans, performance 2007 Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
Felix Culpa 2007. Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, Poland
Tiger of Perfect Symmetry 2005. Inner Space Gallery, Poznan, Poland
The Resilience of Nature. Selection of drawings from 2008-2010
Sui Generis-Gardener BIOS festival "farewell to winter / idea generation", Brzezno, Poland
Tiger Tiger Show Me Your Shell 2006, Szyperska Gallery, Poznan, Poland
Sui Generis 2007 ON Gallery, Poznan, Poland